It’s various number of steps are methodical and it does feels like you work in lab where temperature, humidity and force are controlled, although most of the time my mum simply says, “It’s all about following simple steps and understanding how mixing dry and wet ingredients, getting the right consistency, form and texture.” Well, there is some truth on that, and understanding webpages basic structure of (Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) are really not that complicated. Always remember that HTML and CSS are the core languages for building web pages and web based applications

HTML uses tags to help you add paragraphs, headers, pictures and bullets and other pieces of structure of a web page. Simply put, it’ll help you write something on a website.

The basic structure of an HTML document looks like this:

In baking, it’s important to follow instructions especially in mixing dry ingredients in the right order. Each dry element absorbs water, the greater the volume of the dry ingredient the more it needs water, if you put the wrong ingredients first the chances of your batter to clump is higher. Like this basic rule in baking, coding using HTML follows a basic structure and specific instructions on what to use or else your website will not work.

HTML specific use is basically to publish online documents, retrieve online information, design forms for searching information, ordering products, and making reservations. Therefore, HTML dictates the content and structure of a webpage. CSS modifies the designs and displays of the HTML elements, it’s what makes a website look and feel amazing. In CSS, you have the ability to change the font size, designs color and lay-out and positioning on the webpage. It’s pretty much like staring at a simple sugar cookie (HTML only website) and comparing it to a chocolate ganache-stuffed chocolate cookie (HTML and CSS website). You can use CSS in a HTML file but cannot use HTML in a CSS style sheet. Similarly, you can’t make chocolate chip cookies(CSS) without (HTML) a cookie dough.